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In the utmost, we create interior design concepts through which you can express yourself and your worldview. To us, it is essential to find out which styles you favor, what are the colors you prefer, what you understand by functional zoning, ergonomics and convenience. A gallery of photos or interior visualizations which have impressed you would make it much easier for us to do that. By showing us what your inspirations are, we are able to clarify the specifics of your taste and your style preferences which will serve as starting points in the conceptual design and the accents in it.

Before we start with the conceptual project, it is very useful to also know what your budget and psychological limitations of your investment in the renovation work and furnishing. Our long-term professional experience will allow us to easily quantify and asses what your budget allows in terms of significant construction changes and price range of the semantics, proposed furniture, lighting and accessories.

We do not uncompromisingly impose our ideas and rules, we respect each of your wishes and suggestions; we do not live in an egocentric ecstasy of arrogant pride and majesty, we do not bow to our reflection in the mirror, our influence in the social media or to another “WOW” or “hate” comment from a newly born plush interior guru.

We do not seek acknowledgement at any cost, but there – where we have it – our brand sits nobly, and the price does not really matter.

We are probably not the most popular or the most famous designers, probably not the best of the best, not the most sought after among the seekers, but our artistic expression and creative potential has no boundaries. Each one of our projects leaves an authentic and characteristic mark of the unique, inimitable style of creators, innovators and visionaries. We do not copy the work of others, we create! We create an individual vision for your interior project and your home……

This is the reason why we do not have dissatisfied customers. Each of our new customers is not just the next, but the one and only. Our client’s visions serves as a starting point for the immense worlds of our imagination and provokes our readiness to experiment.

If you choose our services, your home will become a conceptual reflection of your dreams – through the prism of our experience, universal vision and innovative style – backed up by the global interior trends and modern materials and technologies.

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