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Interior design treats and solves problems related to the functional zoning and aesthetic layout of architectural space in the chosen area and their shaping in a finished interior concept, a perfect individual symbiosis between style, materials, technology and technique, colors, decor, furniture and shapes. It is a specific activity in which the innate sense, rich professional experience, creativity, technical knowledge and skills are equally important. In interior design, the personal needs, aesthetic tastes and perceptions of the individual occupying the designated area and sponsoring the project are of decisive importance.

Knowing the customers and having insight on their requirements, a good designer would offer his/her critical perspective as an experienced professional who deals with solving issues related to the interior and object shaping on a daily basis. The interior designer is the one who possesses the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to get the most out of any space he works with. Consulting a good specialist is a guarantee for a quality project with optimal functionality and high artistic value.

We will find the best functional solution!
Functional zoning is the first and most important stage in interior design. We approach every situation responsibly by analyzing very carefully the interior environment. By doing so, we can correctly determine the running lines and optimal layout of individual components that make up the interior composition and its positioning in space, creating a favorable environment for you with a high comfort of living.

We will develop and propose various options to you!
By getting to know you, your taste and aesthetic perceptions, we will develop for you the best options for functional zoning and comprehensive vision, tailored to your lifestyle and needs. In search of the right solution, we will meet often to discuss the project development and the possibilities for constructive changes in the design with the aim of optimizing and making the necessary adjustments that would lead to the project’s successful realization.

We will save you precious time and efforts!
Please, do not waste your time and energy in search of the ideal interior design for you. Choosing the right professionals and technological practices for repairing and furnishing with the harmonious combination of colors and materials can take months and cost you valuable business or leisure time. ELDI will do all of that for you (and a lot more) professionally and within a reasonable time.

We will help you save on your budget!
How much will it cost you? What is the psychological and investment limit you are willing to provide for repairs and furnishings? If you compare the value of the interior design project with the overall cost of its execution, you will find that the cost of hiring interior design specialists is minimal compared to the entire budget, though many of you would think it is unnecessary and expensive. Actually, the good idea for your interior project and the pre-specified and verified details around it, would eliminate the possibility for annoying and expensive mistakes in the course of its realization and would help you avoid unaccounted for expenses. As a gesture to our customers, ELDI offers an attractive set of shared trade discounts for complex floor and wall coverings, bathroom equipment, furniture, household appliances, home electronics, video and audio equipment, accessories, lighting, and decoration by our established partners – leading manufacturers and traders from the country and abroad.

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