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Boca do Lobo,
part of Covet Group

We are more than proud to have the honor of representing and partnering with some of the most boutique and exclusive furniture brands on the market today – Boca do lobo, part of Covet Group.

Handmade in Porto, Portugal, the company’s products are ready to meet and even exceed the expectations of those with the most sophisticated taste for luxury.

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About us

Our long-standing experience in the creation, planning and successful implementation of a number of signature, complex interior concepts in Varna – the city of our Administrative positioning since 2008, has long exceeded the boundaries of our country.

The nearly 20 years of experience as managers of prestigious Bulgarian and multinational companies – all well-known brands in the field of interior, furniture production, household goods and services, and the 11 years as owners of a STUDIO FOR INTERIOR DESIGN, COMPLEX REPAIRS AND FURNITURE, has made us proud witnesses to a number of successful signature projects that have earned clients’ referrals from Austria, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Romania and Russia.

In our rich portfolio, we have left our unique, iconic presence with an emblematic creative trace in a number of homes from residential and office buildings to hotels and public places.

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