Author supervision

Author supervision

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Undoubtedly, we can help you by carefully supervising and controlling the entire process of realization. Planning, organizing and executing repairs is a responsible and complicated process that has become extremely difficult because of the serious shortage of specialists on our market. Finding the right people and professionally prepared brigades costs a lot of time, effort and money. Unfortunately, in Bulgaria everyone is a „master” and “international specialist” who subsequently turns out to be exactly the opposite and before we even know it, that same person has taken our money, caused us headaches, shattered our dreams of the home we want, and disappeared. Many of these so-called “masters” do not have an objective view of their own professional potential, do not know the modern, innovative technological and productive practices, and do not have the adequate and relevant criteria for highly qualitative and precisely executed project, as well as how to deal with deadlines for a specific technical operation.

Our relationships are with verified and proven in time trustworthy contractors who would make sure this never happens. They will guarantee for a precise realization of every project solution, regardless of its specifics and complexity. Our responsible author’s supervision, which we offer as an additional service, is another factor that ensures the execution of the approved project will be qualitative, timely and last but not least, will come at a reasonable price, depending on the project’s complexity.

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