Eldi Sign Interior
Proven process for best results.

1 Design and project
1.1. Negotiating, calculating dimensions of Interiors (or exteriors).
1.2. Calculation and evaluation of the project and services, after specifying the assignment – complexity, volumes and budget of the project.

2 Conceptual project (Preliminary interior design)
2.1. Spatial and functional zoning.
2.2. 3D visualization and modeling of the conceptual interior concept, with example models and materials.

3 Work project (Execution of conceptual project)
3.1. Final specification of the assignment and the commitments made.
3.2. Final valuation and calculation of the project and services.
3.3. Preparation of precise and accurate drawings, sketches and 3D renderings of the specifically selected and confirmed positions, colors, models, goods and materials.
3.4. Financial support for the project, based on precise drawings, specifications, quantitative bills and time estimates.

4 Planning and realization of the working project
4.1. Complex repairs, renovations, installations and construction works.
4.2. Complex home furnishing, equipment and decoration.
4.3. Author supervision and control.

5 Presentation and promotion of the completely finished project (TO KEY)